Restriction Orifice Plates & Assemblies

Flow Measurement Excellence
  • Hydropneumatics Restriction orifice plates are used to reduce pressure of the flow through a restricted bore. The accurate pressure drop is produced by precisely calculating the orifice bore and plate thickness required.
  • Restriction Orifice Plate range is the most cost-effective pressure reducing device and is designed in accordance with ISO 5167-2 and R.W.Miller
  • These devices are low maintenance with no moving parts and easy to handle and simple to install and operate as compared to a control valve.
Available Designs / Customizations
  • Single Bore Orifice Plate
  • Multi-Bore Orifice Plate
  • - All RO’s are designed in accordance with ISO 5167 / ASME Standards and R.W.Miller.
    - The Reduced Noise levels are in accordance with B.S. EN60534-8-4.
    Low cost compared to control valves up to 10 times lower and easier to comparatively design and install.
    No Moving or Electronic parts involved.
    Available in MOC suitable to your process needs ranging from Austenitic steels, Nickel Alloys, PVC, PTFE and Stellate coated.
Models Suitable for your need
  • RO400# - Restriction Orifice Plates and Assemblies
  • RO100# - Restriction Orifice Plates

Restriction Orifice Assembly

  • Client: BG Exploration and Production India Ltd
  • Project: : lift gas network chemical injection skids at Panna Platform
  • MOC: SS316L
  • Quantity: 79 Nos
  • Salient Features:
  • - Supplied to Off shore Platforms
    - Supplied with High Pressure RTJ rings integrated with orifice element
    - to other BG Plants such as C5 gas lift project / PP - PPE - PF Gas lift pipeline project and New Panna SBM project.