About Us

Leading manufacturer of sensing instruments in India for Temperature, Flow, Pressure & Heat Tracing.

Design-to-order expertise with 25+ yrs. experience, and preferred solution provider.

Global presence with special thrust on Oil & Gas, and downstream process applications.

300+ strong workforce who abide by our motto 'we sense it the best'.

Pyro Group: Inception and Growth

  1. Pyro Electric instruments established in Goa (India)

  2. New facility set up for pressure, DP and temperature gauges in Goa (India)

  3. Established JV with HNL Instruments - UK for manufacture of Pressure Switches in Goa (India)

  4. JJV with MICC ltd. – UK. For MI cable manufacturing plant in Goa (India)

  5. Acquired Hydoneumatics India for flow elements product range

  6. JV facility in Goa (India) with Clark Reliance Corp. USA for manufacture of level instruments in India


Pyro Group: Global Presence

Pyro Group: Companies

  • Thermocouples & RTD's with Thermowells.
  • Heater Tube Skin Thermocouples.
  • Special Metallurgy Thermowells.
  • Heating Cables.

  • Pressure & DP Gauges.
  • Temperature Gauges.

  • Orifice Assemblies.
  • Flow Nozzles.
  • Venturies.
  • Wedge Flow Meter.
  • Cone Flow Meter.
  • Sonic Nozzles.
  • Pressure Restriction Devices.

  • Magnetic Level Gauges.
  • Reflex and Transparent Gauges.
  • Level Switches.
  • Drum Level Indicators.
  • Sight Flow Indicators.

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