Orifice Plates & Assemblies

Flow Measurement Excellence
  • Hydropneumatics Orifice Plate range is the most cost-effective Differential Pressure Measurement in accordance with ISO 5167-2, ISO TR-15377, AGA3 and ASME MFC-3M.
  • These devices are low maintenance with no moving parts and easy to handle and simple to install and operate.
  • Available in MOC suitable to your process needs ranging from Austenitic steels, Nickel Alloys, PVC, PTFE and Stellate coated.
Available Designs / Customizations
  • Square Edge Orifice Plates
  • - Process Flow Measurement of hydrocarbons, most gases and liquids
    - Custody Transfer and fiscal flow metering
  • Simple measurement
  • Conical Entrance & Quarter Circle
  • - Flow measurement of viscous fluids
    - Applications with low Reynolds numbers
  • Eccentric Plates & Segmental Plates
  • - Flow Measurement of dirty and contaminated fluids
    - Flow metering of fluids with suspended solids or entrained gas
Models Suitable for your need
  • FE400# - Orifice Plates and Assemblies with Flange Tapings
  • FE410# - Orifice Plates and Assemblies with Flange Corner Tapings
  • FE440# - Orifice Plates and Assemblies with D/D2 Tapings
  • FE410 CRF# Orifice Plate with Carrier Ring & Flange Union
  • FE410# Orifice Plate with Carrier Ring Assembly

PTR: 60” NB Orifice Plate and Assemblies

  • Client: Jindal Steel and Power Ltd.
  • Process Licensor: Midrex Technology.
  • Project: India’s First Coal Fired DRI Plant at Angul.
  • Description: Square Edge Concentric Orifice Plate assembly with D & D/2 tappings as per ISO 5167.
  • Quantity: 308 Nos
  • Salient Features: one of the largest orifice plate manufactured in-house.